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Regular Events:

2014 Dates

Parents’ tea every friday.  Pop in at 4pm.  We look forward to seeing you!

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What's for Lunch?  View this weeks menu...

Homemade soup, jacket potatoes, salad bar, sliced ham, cheese, lettuce, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad etc.

Fresh fruit  -  Sandwiches freshly made to order  -  Homemade Quiche


All Beef products are 100% beef.  Beef is reared in the UK and has traceability.  We do not use any processed beef products.

Available Everyday

View this weeks menu

Mon 1st Sept:

Tue 2nd Sept:

Wed 3rd Sept

Friday 17th Oct

Sunday 2nd Nov

Friday 12th Dec

Inset Day (Staff)

Inset Day (Staff) & Boarders Return

Term Begins

Half Term Begins

Half Term Ends - NB (2 week break is in the Autumn term only)

Term Ends


Sun 4th Jan:

Mon 5th Jan:

Fri 13th Feb:

Sun 22nd Feb:

Fri 27th March:


Boarders Return

Term Begins

Half Term commences 16:00

Half term end 17:00

Term Ends


Fri 17th April:

Sun 19th April:

Mon 20th April:

Fri 1st May:

Mon 4th May:

Fri 22nd May:

Sun 31st May:

Tue 30th June:

Fri 3rd July:

Inset Day (Staff)

Boarders Return 17:00

Term Begins

May Day Exeat.  School is closed 1st May 16:00 until Monday May 4th 17:00

School reopens 17:00 following May Day Exeat

Half term (after sports day) - Sun 31st May 17:00.

School reopens 17:00 following half term

Term ends (boys) after prize giving.

Term ends staff.


2015 Dates

Greenpower Events:

7th May:

8th June:

21st Sept:

12th Oct:

Season Opener, Rockingham Motor Speedway

Greenpower Heat – Goodwood Motor Circuit

Greenpower Heat – Dunsfold Park

Greenpower National Finals – Goodwood Motor Circuit.