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Parents and Teachers Association

What is the PTA? 

Slindon College PTA is a non-profit making organisation.


We fund-raise and help out at events, we produce a regular Newsletters and fund extras for the school - E.G:  iPads for the SEN department, tools for Horticulture, swimming equipment, sewing machines for Textiles and much more.

Who are the PTA? 

YOU are!!!


It is any Parent, Grandparent, carer or member of Staff of Slindon College.

What do we do? 

We meet regularly half-termly on a Friday afternoon for our meetings, where we have a lovely cup of tea/coffee and some delicious homemade cake.


We discuss fund-raising ideas and events we are putting on, we produce a team of willing helpers for a number of different events throughout the year, and we fund extra equipment, resources and trips for the school over and above the normal day to day running of the school.


We also are trying to meet on a social level, just to mingle with other parents outside of school meetings.


Any ideas are warmly welcomed. Come along and see for yourselves.


Whats been happening at the PTA? 

Check out the photo gallery for our events.  

Mount Noddy PTA Walk

Statement of Accounts

Download our accounting records here.

Meet the PTA Officers

Click to see photos of the PTA officers.

Contact the PTA

Susanna Besley

Phone: 07795 363114


July 2013



Next PTA and AGM meeting:


24th March 2017 at 2:30pm (in the cookery room)

 A very warm welcome to all who would like to meet with us.

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PTA Newsletter - November 2015

PTA Financial Report 2014-2015