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Greenpower Event

Whats been happening?

Here we will post photos of recent events.  Click to expand and be sure to check back soon as photos are added regularly.

Mallory Park May 2013

Greenpower Season Opener – a chance to trial the cars before the actual Greenpower Challenge.  Heats take place countrywide in prep for the final at Goodwood on 13th October.

Goodwood Motor Circuit Sunday 9th June 2013

The Greenpower Challenge, Central South Regional Heat.  Slindon’s entry “Relentless”, won the race hands-down by an eight mile lead, leaving even Eton College in our wake!  This year, for the first time, a team from Alabama, USA took part in the challenge, finishing a very respectable 13th in a field of 45 cars.  Slindon were very proud to host the American team, from Huntsville Centre for Technology,  during their week long stay.  Team USA will join us again in October when we take part in the Greenpower National Final on 13th, which will see teams from all over the UK and Ireland competing.

Team USA join Team Slindon with Slindon’s winning car “Relentless”


Another win for Slindon Greenpower!  Sept 29th 2013

Slindon College's Greenpower Team with their car 'Relentless' again stormed to victory on Sunday 29th September at Dunsfold Park at the Greenpower Greater London Regional Heat. It beat the second place car by over 3 miles and also achieved the fastest lap of the race.  The College's other electric car 'Stealth' also finished a respectable 18th out of 50 cars.  Both our cars have now qualified for the Greenpower National Final at Goodwood Motor Circuit on Sunday 13th October.  Only the top 75 electric cars in the United Kindom can take part in the final.

Greenpower Final - 13th October 2013

Started 6th on the grid in a field of 75, were running at close third half an hour before the end, when disaster struck with the loss of the power button...  back again NEXT YEAR!  "We are Relentless”

First race of the 2014 Greenpower season - 7th May 

Season Opener at Rockingham Motor Speedway Circuit, Corby, Northamptonshire.  Mr Burbidge, Head of DT/Greenpower and Hamish Ilton, together with Alex Lester YR10, Max Bird and James Wane YR 9 went all the way to Rockingham Speedway to take part in our first Greenpower race of the season. This gave us a valuable opportunity to test out our top car 'Relentless' for the new season.  We took part in two races against almost 40 cars from the North of England. We finished a very respectable 6th and 7th in the races.  It was also the first time we used our new Greenpower car stand to help transport 'Relentless' to and from the race. This was designed and made by our DT A level pupil Kinson Beh.

Goodwood Heat Sunday  8th June 2014

This was our first qualification race of the season. There are new regulations for this season. Instead of one four hour race with six batteries, now there are two races with only one set of batteries per race. This has been a major change in Greenpower racing.


However, after the test race at Rockingham Motor Speedway in May we were ready for the new challenge. The first race was going well and we were in the top ten with our fastest car, ‘Relentless’, then we got a puncture! After a frantic tyre change, Robert PetersYR10 got back in the race and took us with his excellent driving from 27th place to 17th finishing position.


The second race was better and ‘Relentless’ finished 5th out of almost 50 cars. This means it has qualified for the Greenpower National Finals at Goodwood on Sunday 12th October 2014.


Our older car ‘Stealth’ finished a respectable 26th and 30th in the two races. James Milne YR7 made his Slindon College Greenpower driving debut and drove very well.


We will be doing more work on ours cars over the summer, ready for our Dunsfold Park Heat race on Sunday 21st September 2014. Do join us for an exciting day of Greenpower racing.

National Final Goodwood Motor Circuit Sunday 12th October 2014

Only the top 75 cars can qualify for the final. This year there have been more semi final races and more cars taking part than ever before. From over 200 cars that took part, our top car ‘Relentless’ qualified in the impressive position of 11th place.


Unfortunately our older car, ‘Stealth’ only achieved 89th in the qualification table and so for the first time in six years did not qualify for the National Final.


We expected to start in 11th position on the starting grid, but got moved down to 12th place due to Team USA qualifying at the last moment into 11th place. Team USA stayed at the College in 2013 and on the Friday before the final visited us at College. A great time was had by all.


On the day of the final we were disappointed that the batteries let us down in our two races. Despite this ‘Relentless’ finished a respectable 40th and 38th out of 79 competitors in its two races. Between races in the pits, the team was visited by TV personality, Jason Bradbury from the ‘Gadget Show’. He talked with various team members and our Headmaster, Mr Quick.


Overall 2014 has been a big learning curve for our Greenpower Electric Car team, which we will build on for the 2015 season.


We are ‘Relentless’ and we will be back!

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Thorney Island - Tuesday 24th March 2015

To test out our cars and train new drivers, we have secured a new practice venue. Thorney Island near Emsworth in Hampshire is a military camp with a runway. After negotiation with the military authorities at Thorney Island, Mr Burbidge was able to secure this ideal venue for our team. The first practice involved taking our top car, ‘Relentless’ with Year 10 drivers, Max Bird and James Wane. A wet, but enjoyable time was had by all until we got a puncture and to head back to College. However, the new practice venue proved to be just what we needed.


Greenpower practice Day - Sunday 19th April 2015

This day is provided by Greenpower for all local teams to test out their cars in readiness for the new season. Out of almost 40 cars, our fastest car, ‘Relentless’ finished in 9th position, while ‘Stealth’our older car finished a respectable 19th. We had three new drivers from Year 8, driving for the first time, Jaz Still, James Trippick and Brook Richardson. All drove well and had an excellent day.

Goodwood Heat - Sunday 14th June 2015

This was the first heat of the season for us to try to qualify for the National Greenpower Final in October. There were two races during the day and out of 60 cars, ‘Relentless’ finished in 12th position in both races, good enough to qualify for the National Final. Our other car ‘Stealth’ had a mixed day, with not one, but three punctures! However, in the second race it achieved a respectable 35 position. The day included the last race for Dougie Poole who leaves Slindon College this year. Dougie and his parents have been great supporters of our Greenpower team. We all wish Dougie the very best for the future. A big thanks to Mr Standing, a dad of two former pupils who helped out on the day.




Dunsfold Park Semi-Final - Sunday 20th September 2015

The last qualification race before the final. ‘Relentless’ had a great day and finished 5th and 7th in its two races. ‘Stealth’ also did well, with some impressive driving from James Milne in Year 9, achieving 11th place in one of its races.


Thorney Island second practice  - Tuesday 16th June 2015

For our second practice at Thorney, we took our older car ‘Stealth’ to let our new drivers practice. Mr Burbidge and College Greenpower volunteer, Hamish Ilton, were helped by Year 11’s Charlie Barton and Dougie Poole. It was a glorious sunny afternoon and our new drivers were able to improve their driving and pit crew skills.

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2015 International Final Rockingham Motor Speedway

Sunday 11th Oct

Due to the increasing popularity of Greenpower and more overseas teams taking part, it was decided to move the final from Goodwood Motor Circuit where it has always been held to the bigger circuit of Rockingham Motor Speedway circuit near Corby in  Northamptonshire. This was the first time in Greenpower that this had happened. Only our top car ‘Relentless’ qualified for the final. Due to the distances needed to travel to and from Rockingham our team stayed overnight near to Rockingham. Mr Burbidge with Greenpower helper Hamish Ilton took a small team consisting of Charlie Barton & Alfie King L6, James Wane YR 11 and Jaz Still YR 9. Despite stiff competition from 75 cars from all over the UK and from as far as field as the USA and Poland the team did very well and achieved a respectable 16th palce. This was a great improvement from last year’s final where we finished 42nd. So an increase of 26 places! Well done Slindon College’s Greenpower team. The team was supported at this event by our Headmaster Mr Quick and Mrs King, Alfie’s mother.


We look forward to the 2016 Greenpower season with great confidence.  


Upcoming 2016 dates:


Goodwood Test Day

Sunday 17th April

Goodwood Motor Circuit


Goodwood Heat

Sunday 19th June

Goodwood Motor Circuit


Dunsfold Park Heat

Sunday 18th September

Dunsfold Park


International Final

Sunday 16th October

Rockingham Motor