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Whats been happening?

Here we will post photos of recent events.  Click to expand and be sure to check back soon as photos are added regularly.

Not to be excluded from all the hype about the election, we decided to hold our very own campaign during the lead up to the General Election.


Five members of staff representing the five main UK parties presented their manifestos during assembly time on Tuesday and Wednesday and all the boys visited our polling station on Thursday to cast their votes.


On Tuesday Mrs Mason addressed the whole school about the forthcoming election and then Dr Caplen represented the Lib Dems alongside Miss Hammerton who stood for Labour.  Their manifestos were backed up by good visuals and their main points were put across very well in straight English so the boys all had a basic grasp of what can seem  a very complicated system.


Wednesday saw Mr Pinney represent UKIP (Nigel Farage eat your heart out!), Mr Stafford stood for the Conservatives and Mr Saysell represented the Green Party. They were then asked to sum up their manifesto in just three words:


Labour:  Better, Fairer Britain

Lib Dem: Fairer more Caring Britain (that’s four words Dr. Caplen!)

Conservative: We trust YOU

Green: Vote for Change

UKIP: Britain for British


Friday’s assembly was charged with excitement as Reece Perkins, the Returning Officer took the stage to announce the results – who would be the Member of Parliament for Slindon College?!


And the winner was MR NICHOLAS PINNEY FOR UKIP!  With a salary of £83,000 per year PLUS expenses! (see Mr Quick visibly blanch)


Mrs Mason then told us about some of the changes we could expect under the new UKIP regime at Slindon such as ……… MORE Maths and English lessons on the timetable !


Mr McMahon then rushed up to the podium with an envelope for Mrs Mason.  This contained an OBJECTION about Mr Pinney’s conduct at the polling station – he was seen and recorded to be campaigning!!! This made his election NUL  AND  VOID!


The MP for Slindon College is therefore MISS HAMMERTON FOR THE LABOUR PARTY!


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