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Our approach to teaching


Classes are small (none is larger than 12) and many classes have a dedicated Learning Support Assistant. So individual attention can be given to each pupil when he needs it. Where specialist tuition is required boys are given 1:1 support. Read more about our learning support or learn about the curriculum and activities we offer below.

Our curriculum

Subjects are available at GCSE/BTEC level

The academic curriculum is geared to Key Stages 2, 3 and 4. In most subjects there is a certain amount of coursework and practical work which means that pupils are constantly building upon their chance of success while continuous assessment enables teachers to build on each pupil’s individual strengths.

As each boy is looked upon as an individual, the curriculum is not set in stone but is tailored to the needs and potential achievement of each boy.

  • English Language

  • Mathematics

  • Science & Additional Science or BTEC Level 2 Applied Science (single or double award)

  • Information Technology

All boys take the following core subjects at GCSE

To these are added 4 subjects from the following ‘options’

  • Geography

  • History

  • Design Technology

  • Graphics

  • Home Cooking Skills (BTEC)



Horticulture (BTEC Level 2)

The following subjects may also be taken

For those considered capable, these 3 subjects are offered in ‘twilight time’ after the formal school day has ended.

  • Astronomy

  • Textiles

  • Work Skills (BTEC)


  • Religious Education (RE)

  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

  • Physical Education (PE) and games


Years 4 to 6

Boys in Years 4 to 6 follow a class-based programme based upon Key Stage 2 with lessons outside their ‘home classroom’ in:

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Physical Education (PE) and games

  • Cookery

  • Design Technology (DT)

Years 7 to 9

Boys in Years 7 to 9 follow a programme based upon Key Stage 3.


Boys from overseas for whom English is a second language usually take a GCSE in their own language (eg: Chinese, Japanese) in addition to English.


All parents are invited to formal parents’ evenings annually but in Years 10 and 11 there are 2 parents’ evenings within the year to monitor the GCSE courses. Additionally, there is the opportunity to meet staff informally at 4pm each Friday over a cup of tea. At Slindon we welcome parents’ involvement in their sons’ education and invite you to phone if you would like to meet with a member of staff at any other time.


Comprehensive reports are produced at the end of every term, and summary interim reports are produced at half-term in the Autumn and Spring terms.


A Literacy and Numeracy programme is undertaken each morning, directly after Registration.  This is designed to support and underpin the Literacy and Numeracy syllabus.


All boys participate in a daily reading period after the literacy and numeracy programme each morning. There are 4 reading groups based upon reading level, and each group has its own library tailored to that level.


Work experience takes place at the end of Year 11 and is individually tailored to each pupil’s needs. Often, parents have access to good contacts themselves and make suitable arrangements from home, liaising with the school, too. We are, of course, able to arrange suitable placements, generally for a week at the end of the Summer term when the GCSE examinations have finished. For those suitable, we even have some placements within the school.


Key Stages are the terms used for the educational knowledge expected of students at various ages in England as follows:

Key Stage 2: years 3 to 6 – for 7 to 11 years old students

Key Stage 3: years 7 to 9 – for 11 to 14 years old students

Key Stage 4: years 10 to 11 – for 14 to 16 years old students

Wikipedia has more detail on the key stages and on GCSEs and the BTEC system.


Slindon College sixth form differs from others by providing a full-time and bespoke time table, to offer a tailor-made curriculum taking our sixth formers into the next phase of their personal and academic development.


Moving up a gear to meet the academic and personal requirement of sixth form isn’t easy and many young people find the change quite daunting. We offer a full support package including two sixth dedicated sixth form tutors - Jane Mason and Barry McMahon, specialist teacher English and maths retakes (or alternative qualifications) and of course the knowledge and skills of our learning  support department.


Running alongside our traditional academic courses we also have vocational and personal development courses. Sometimes young people need either more time to mature or require additional qualifications to enter a vocationally based course elsewhere.


So, whether its art or animal care, histograms or history of medicine, science or surrealism, catering or cars, we can offer suitable courses at differing levels and for differing learning needs.


We currently have a small, happy and highly successful sixth form with a mix of academic and vocational students. If you are interested in meeting and discussing your son’s future with us, please contact Jane or Barry via Jenny Davies.