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Aims and Values

Slindon College is an inclusive specialist school for students with a variety of learning difficulties, vulnerable students and those who hitherto have had a negative school experience.


Our lifelong commitment is to help all our students to develop their various talents and to reach their full potential by ensuring that they have access to high quality teaching.


We seek to provide all our students with a stimulating, broad and balanced educational experience within a caring and supportive environment in which friendly, helpful and supportive relationships thrive.


  • Individuality

  • Respect

  • Courtesy and good manners

  • Continual drive for development

  • Excellence for all students by all staff

  • Strength in partnership


At Slindon College we value:

  • Enjoy learning and achieving

  • Show care and concern for themselves, others and the environment

  • Treat others with respect and dignity

  • Be safe, happy and healthy

  • Be a valued member of the community

  • Accept and tolerate others for their individual differences

  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Put students and their families at the heart of everything we strive for


At Slindon College we believe that everyone should:


At Slindon College our aim is therefore to provide a learning environment for every learner that is personalised, inclusive, safe, enjoyable and challenging with appropriate support and guidance to enable them to develop skills for life.